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munichmodern is a programmatic exhibition platform for contemporary art based in Munich. munichmodern was initiated in 2005 by Dr. Isabella Goebel and focuses on initiating a lively and versatile dialogue on significant conceptual issues of today´s art in the context of art history.

By collaborating internationally with renowned artists, galleries, collectors and curators the platform produces sales exhibitions and promotes art projects while placing a high value on its conceptual design. The synthesis of art and commerce makes munichmodern a unique opportunity to experience contemporary art in context.

The platform focuses on a selection of artist and their body of work promoting established international artistic positions while seeking young and promising new artists of contemporary art at the same time.

munichmodern offers curated cultural encounters through thematic art projects and an exclusive program in collaboration with munichmodern partners. Since 2011 Berlin-based art historian Dr. Alexandra von Stosch contributes as an independent curator.

Munich offers a broad basis of collectors with an affinity for aesthetics and art. In comparison with the Rhineland or Berlin contemporary art has always been at the fringe of the art scene next to long-established art fairs and art dealers representing the 19th century. munichmodern aims at strengthening Munich as a location, focus and meeting point of contemporary art.